Carlos Agustin Giai

Chapter leader, Writer, Artist

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hello there! My name is Carlos, and I was born and raised in Argentina. During my upbringing, consciousness in terms of environmental care predominated thanks to the Japanese values I’ve always been taught. However, over time I noticed that media and other means intended to have an impact on us, are useless to raise awareness due to their lack of accuracy when recognizing a local issue and giving realistic solutions. For this reason, I am committed to helping my community and others to properly identify the current snags and making the fight as practical as possible.

Robert Morabito

Chapter Leader, Writer

Newburgh, New York

Hello everyone! My name is Robert and I’m from New York! I’m interested in Research into Sustainable Solution Development. I’m interested in biochemistry and clean energy engineering and I believe the best path to a solution for negative environmental impacts is and always will be through science. I hope to develop a team within Start With You to be apart of clean energy research. Over 30,000 years, humans have become the perfect picture of evolution and now we arrive in a time where we each have a say in the world we want to leave to those in the next 30,000 years.

Manal Sultan

Chapter Leader

California, United States

Hi! I’m Manal, from Fresno, California. I’m a debater, photographer, and programmer. My obsession with documenting the finer aspects of life couples with my devotion to the environment. Ever since the sixth grade, my passion for helping maintain a greener world has been undying. The fact that a plethora of methods to help the environment goes unnoticed has plagued my being for the longest time. But, those methods start with us. I strongly believe that through the Start With You project, I can find the root issue my community struggles with in terms of our environment, and find the lifestyle changes necessary yet practical for ensuring the welfare of our world.

Atieno Sihanya

Chapter Leader

Nairobi, Kenya

Hey hey. My name is Atieno but I mostly go by Ataytay. I have spent my whole life in Nairobi and so it’s pretty much all I know. Well, until I moved to Pune last autumn. I love reading and writing and talking about what I’ve read and written, but more than anything I enjoy listening to people speak about things close to their hearts. I have been passionate about the environment in its different forms for as long as I can remember. Ultimately, I would like to increase the number of conversations that lead to action on the matter in my immediate community, hopefully leading to change farther from my immediate surroundings eventually. The earth has given us all so much. It belongs to none of us, but is all of ours to share. I believe that it is my duty to stand up and say something about the inequity and inequality with which natural resources are distributed and used. It starts with me just as much as it Starts With You. 

Kimberly Co

Chapter leader, Writer

Metro Manila, Philippines

Hi, I am Kimberly and I am from the Philippines. I love doing creative stuff such as photography, making youtube videos, and blogging. I also enjoy reading, coding, and swimming. Growing up in a third world country, I have always seen the government prioritizing other problems over environmental problems. With this, I want to help raise awareness in my community about the growing environmental problems we are facing. I believe that with the Start With You project, I can help address my community’s environmental problems by analyzing the problems & creating practical yet sustainable solutions. Of course, the solutions alone won’t help solve the environmental problems unless each person is willing to incorporate these solutions into their everyday life. After all, changes start with you.

Tanya Tiwari

Chapter leader, writer

Uttar pradesh, India

Hey! I am Tanya and I’m from India. I am currently in 10th grade and am 14 years old. I love to travel and have been to 12 countries in the past 5 years and I love to write/ journalise about my experiences in each location I have been to, I love landscape photography and I love to film things and locations. I have a strong ambition about social entrepreneurship and helping the people in need. Through my travel experiences, I get sad realising that we aren’t treating our earth as we should and that is why I want to help and contribute as much as i can to make our earth better; i can start with finding out the problems that my locality faces and what causes them, and i am doing this because i want to make a change which is needed and a change starts with us.

Jasleen Sihota

Social media manager

California, United States

Hello everyone! I’m Jasleen and I am a rising junior from California. I am currently a part of an organization called HOSA, and I love volunteering at blood drives/participating in anything medicine related. Additionally, I love to research about sustainable ways that we can reduce our everyday waste, and how we can lessen our carbon footprint. I believe Start With You is an amazing organization, and I believe that all of us have the power to take care of our planet, and take initiative in our own communities to make Earth a better place. 

Arpon Nag

Chapter leader, Writer

Jashore, Bangladesh

Hello! I am Arpon from Bangladesh and I love to travel, code, play guitar, learn and read. Growing up, after seeing the adverse effects we have on the environment, I want to help raise awareness in my community about the growing environmental problems we are facing. As I believe that with the Start With You project, I can help such problems in my community by analyzing, researching the problems and creating not only practical but also sustainable solutions.

Kristabella Alejandro

Chapter leader, Writer

Metro Manila, Philippines

Hi! I’m Kristabella Alejandro and I’m a rising senior from Makati City in the Philippines. Although at my school I am heavily involved with Debate and Model UN, in my free time I can be found writing short stories, enjoying a good book, or engaging in opportunities for further learning and self-development. I firmly believe that every person has a unique role to play in the care and conservation of our planet. Although it is easy to simply write off the increasingly pressing problems that the environment faces as either irrelevant or irreversible, this is not the case. Together with the other members of Start With You, I hope to be able to further promote the idea that sustainable living is a goal that we should all collectively strive towards.

Emely De La Hoz

Chapter leader, writer, social media manager

New York, United States

Hello! My name is Emely and I was born and raised in New York. I love to sing, play piano, read, and write in my free time. I also have a passion for learning new things and educating others. I have always believed that as people, it is our responsibility to take care of our planet and fix the harmful mistakes we have made in the past. I believe that with Start With You I will have the opportunity to find new ways in which my community can work together to take care of our environment. 

Máximo Bruke

Chapter volunteer

Hello, I’m Maximo from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m here hoping to be useful at assisting to create a sustainable and healthy environment in the urban spaces. Our current lifestyles will inevitably lead us to a dangerous state of resources shortage and a decrease in our general wealth, without mentioning the amounts of contamination in the air and the water. Today, we can still take back our mistakes and create more pragmatic asset management.

Mkudzei Watambgwa

Chapter leader, Writer

Harare, Zimbabwe

ey there! I’m Mkudzei a proud Zimbabwean senior. I love my country more than anything else and am so grateful to have grown up in such a beautiful place surrounded by nature. Unfortunately due to political & economic hardship, sustainability and environmental responsibility tend to be the last thing people in my community worry about, but I want to change that. I want to show people that even though so much tends to be out of our control the way we treat our planet is one thing we can control, if we make a united effort. I believe Start With You is a great way to help spread awareness in my community as well as learn from others hoping to do the same in theirs. I l enjoy finding new fun DIY’s to do as well as cooking and baking.

Aum Patel

Chapter leader

Ohio, United States

Hello, I’m Aum and I’m a rising senior from Cincinnati, Ohio. I love to play tennis and ultimate frisbee. With playing Ultimate for my school team, I’m able to travel to different states for upper level competitions and explore at the same time. I moved from India when I was ten so I’ve gotten the opportunity to look at and analyze different environmental issues. By being part of this team, I’m able to find new innovative ways to bring the community together for a better change.

Raghu Wable

Chapter leader, writer

California, USA

Hey guys my name is Raghu and I am a rising senior from Fremont California. I love STEM fields like engineering and Science and travel for competitions related to this and I love to play soccer and badminton. I lived in America since I was 2 and have also lived in India for 4 years so I know the huge contrast between the environment from what it should be and what it should not. I have also been a part of sustainability forums and competitions held at my school so I am familiar with ways the environment can be sustained. I am drawn to sustainability because I know that my generation is going to face a lot of problems if I do not take the necessary steps needed in order to make sure that the earth is safe and healthy for several generations to come. 

Momina Khan

Chapter leader


I am Momina Khan from Lahore Grammar School Defence in Lahore, Pakistan, toiling to pay back to my environment. My country, being a developing country, faces myriad challenges everyday, from illiteracy to serious environmental problems. I’m here to make a change and encourage everyone around me to play their respective roles in what we owe to our environment. I’m a strong advocate of environmental awareness, because you and I are the backbone of this society, and TOGETHER WE CAN! 
I am grateful for having found an incredible platform at Start With You.

Divyanshi Raturi

Chapter leader, Writer

Delhi , India

Hey! My name is Divyanshi and I am from Delhi, India. I am 18 and am currently a senior in UWC Mahindra College, India. I would describe myself as a resilient, dedicated, and passionate individual with a love for writing and advocacy of social justice issues. In my free time, I can be found doing community service or writing to impact and persuade people in order to bring a change and serve the society. I come from a city where development often comes at the cost of environment protection and sustainability and pollution levels become so high that we get vacations from our schools and workspaces due to the toxic air quality . Additionally , there is a sense of hypocrisy where we talk about sustainable development goals and destroy forests and act as irresponsible consumers at the same time. It can seem like a lost cause at times but every change comes from a small initiative and simple lifestyle changes can create an ideology of sustainability which can bring a revolutionary change , something which I wish to spread by working with dedicated and driven changemakers in  Start With You.

Avishi Gupta

Chapter Leader

Virginia, United States

Hi! I am Avishi, a rising sophomore, from Virginia. I am a very outgoing and happy person. If you know me, I love cracking jokes and relieving the stress out of situations. I am also a hard worker who cares a little too much about many things. Some interests I have are badminton, coding, baking, and swimming. I have always tried to find ways to help my environment but never had the materials or support but now I have both and I am ready to make my community a better place. We are the future generation and if we don’t start protecting our Earth now, then Earth won’t protect us in the future. I am ready to be an active member of this team and help our home be a better place.

Kiera King

Writer, Social Media manager

Illinois, United States

Hi! I’m currently a 16 year old senior from the United States. I am dedicated to the fields of politics, economics, and environmental development. I want to take part in fighting for environmental change because, as a young teenager, I know that I have the power to create environmental change for my generation and those to come. I truly believe Start With You is fully capable of becoming part of the engine of change necessary to improve the environment’s disgusting status.

Sebastian Feye

Chapter Leader, Artist

California, USA

Hello! My name is Sebastian Feye, I am a 27 living in San Diego, which is also my hometown.  I have worked in a variety of fields including in Congress in DC as an intern, as a bellman and sailing instructor and as a financial analyst at large Fortune 500 firms in the Bay Area. I moved back to San Diego to pursue the opportunity to have my own business, so now I am doing regulatory consulting for medical companies, including surgical masks, gown and other PPE. In addition, I am a very active volunteer and I currently lead a team of ~20 committed individuals that are volunteers of SD350, a climate activist organization committed to addressing our climate crisis by any means possible, I look forward to working with everyone towards a truly equal, sustainable, regenerative future and hope Start With You and everyone will help catalyze that change and inspire others to act!

Shaurya Songara

Chapter leader

Karnataka, India

Hi guys! I’m Shaurya from Karnataka, specifically Bangalore. I’m currently studying (as incorrect as that is) in the 12th grade. I love to play video games and read books, two things which may have led to the demise of the quality of my eyesight, and play Cricket. I am probably not the best looking guy out there and I don’t know how to take photos, as is evident, but I do have some morals and those guys say that we have to correct what we have done wrong so far. We have polluted our home planet a lot and we now have to correct it to ensure that future generations of all life have a nice place to live and that is where I think sustainability comes in and right now with all the free time everyone has, why not spread awareness about it?

Hasif Ahmed

Chapter leader

Cumilla, Bangladesh

Hello, I am Hasif Ahmed. I am from a small town in Bangladesh which is Cumilla. I am a senior at Cumilla Victoria Govt. College. I am a science enthusiast, a physics lover, a debater and an aspiring environmentalist. I love movies, music and travelling. 
Our planet is the only planet with such a wholesome nature that helped me internalize the beauty of blue oceans and green peaks. A nature too beautiful to be destroyed by the filth of the corporations and mass ignorance. I feel like I owe a lot to this beautiful planet and I want to do something to make it thrive. I feel like everyone else should do the same. I have started with ME and I want everyone else to START as well.

Nisha Walvekar

Chapter Leader

Pune, India

Hi, I am Nisha Walvekar from Pune, India. I am 17 years old and study in 11th grade. I love to read, I’m a debater and an aspiring environmentalist. I’m also particularly interested in economics and philosophy.I have previously led my own campaign called ‘Say no to Plastic.” I believe through Start with you, we can bring climate justice to our planet. I’m excited to lead the Chapter for Pune, a place gifted with immense biodiversity. It is our duty to give back to this planet and I hope we are able to do that with Start With You.

Ellie Ramos

Chapter Secretary

Fresno, California

I am 16 years old and a dedicated student at Buchanan High School. I enjoy participating on campus and in my community, and I consider myself an activist for the planet as well as everyone on it. I am a lover of the outdoors, and always look forward to hiking, camping, rafting, and rock climbing excursions. For this reason I am so drawn to sustainable living and doing everything I can to preserve the beauty of nature.

Yashvendra Singh

Chapter Leader

Assam, India

Hi! Aside from being a Basketball fanatic, I am also fond of rock climbing, camping, and spending time in the great outdoors. It saddens me to see our species cause so much harm to all other components of the beautiful biosphere on the planet. I choose to be more than ‘concerned’ and take all action I can at an individual level to be a responsible consumer and environmentally conscious human being. This is why I resonate with the ethos at Start With You and am enthusiastic about using this platform to spark change in my own community

Julie Jeong

Chapter Leader, Writer, Artist

Oahu, Hawaii

Hello everyone! I’m a 16 year old living in Hawaii who’s just trying to help improve the only planet we have. I enjoy drawing, studying, going on walks around my neighborhood, meeting new people, and eating delicious foods with my friends and family. Knowing that if I don’t advocate for improving the environment, people may no longer be able to enjoy the simple things we often take for granted is disheartening. I hope that through this amazing organization, Start With You, I will be able to encourage others to join the fight against the destruction of our home and genuinely appreciate what we have in our lives. I’m so excited for the journey that is ahead of me, and I hope that you all will be a part of it!

Samantha Young

Chapter Secretary

Fresno, California, USA

Hello everyone! I’m Samantha and I am a rising junior from Fresno, California. At school, I’m involved in Science Olympiad, and I love science, reading, painting, learning, and watching YouTube videos. Outside of school, I am a school representative and chapter leader for Redefy (a student-led nonprofit dedicated to social justice) and I am starting a grassroots and awareness non-profit dedicated to eradicate systemic racism within the criminal justice system. Global warming and climate change has unequivocal adverse impacts; however, we can make a difference. As Greta Thunberg said, “the one thing we need more than hope is action. Once we start to act, hope is everywhere. So instead of looking for hope, look for action. Then, and only then, hope will come.” Through Start With You, I believe that it is important to promote sustainability; we have the power as a consumer to live sustainably, whether it’s through conserving water, reducing fast fashion consumption, recycling, reducing emissions, et cetera. We can all make a difference, but we have to be pragmatic; it starts with me, and it Starts With You.

Kali Surana

Artist, Social media manager

Mumbai, India

Hi everyone! I am Kali from India. I love painting and reading novels and news. I also love learning new things to expand my knowledge. Furthermore, I have always been passionate about making people more aware of the environment and the impact of it in the long run. I have witnessed that normally people do not give the environment highest priority and thus, perform actions which impact the environment negatively. However, I strongly believe that through Start With You, I can help and promote sustainable living and make people realise how important it is for us. Lastly, Tom Zigler once said that “Change starts with you, but it doesn’t start until you do”. I strongly agree with this and think that together we can positively change the world. 

Mandy Liao

Chapter leader, Writer

Penang, Malaysia

Hi! I’m Mandy and even though I was born in Taiwan, I now study in Malaysia as a rising senior. I love to dance, run, and write; and I care deeply about issues regarding the environment because my time here in Malaysia helped me gain awareness of the environmental problems in developing countries. I believe that sustainability is an effort that requires all of us working collectively, and I hope to help spread this awareness to continue the effort of many others to protect our environment.

Sofia Ye

Chapter volunteer

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hi everyone! I am Sofia from Argentina. We are all aware that the earth is the place where we live, our home, but why even knowing that we do not take care of it as we should? The earth provides us with life, nature, and many essential resources for our health and quality of life and survival. I can’t imagine what could happen without all this and by the way we are going now, I really fear for our future. Do we really want to leave for future generations a planet without life and full of problems? Let’s unify strength, let’s hold hands and create a place full of life and consciousness, all this can Start With You.

Atiqa Tasnim

Chapter leader

Tokyo, Japan

Hello! I’m Atiqa from Tokyo, Japan. I’m 18 and a university student in japan. I love to read books and bingewatch Netflix. I also love cats! My future aspiration would be to adopt 7 cats in a big house. I have learned Python language and I love coding. I gained interest in environmental sustainability in high school during a school trip to a botanical museum. I have been inspired to protect the planet. I do my best to not be a nuisance to the earth. I think as a part of this generation, my first goal is to inspire and bring awareness to my juniors and seniors as well. I hope to do that through this organization!