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Pune, India
Membership: 32

Primary local environmental problems:

1. Unsustainable resource use in cattle-farming.
2. Excess water usage.
3. Inefficient waste management.
4. Air pollution and related damage to public health.

Planning and impact

Awareness campaign components:

Created our own Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts where we post content regularly.
Make one post every week about an environmental challenge that India faces and how our volunteers relate to that environmental challenge.
Running series called sustainable as/in which helps our volunteers learn how to make sustainable choices in their daily lives. For eg., we posted our first post of the series which was called “sustainability as a student.”
Monthly screenings

Awareness campaign components:

Encouraging plant-based Mondays.
Popularising the bucket bath challenge, where we use a bucket to bathe once a week.
For waste management, we are going to get in touch with our housing societies and ensure that waste is segregated, and disposed of in the best way possible.

Mason, USA
Membership: 15

As a large district with a big student population we strive to serve students with financially efficient environmental-friendly methods, focusing on plastic use. Many plastic utensils are barely used and end up in the trash can within minutes.We want to find an eco-friendly way to replace those utensils that are beneficial for the environment as well as the school.

Targeted Project: Awareness-campaign and collaboration with the school cafeteria that focuses on reducing its plastic waste down to zero.

Rajasthan, India
Membership: 20

Primary local environmental issues: Deforestation, Water Crisis and Fast Fashion.

Awareness campaign components and frequency:
A website has been created where we add content about fast fashion and Water Scarcity. We are frequently posting blogs.

Targeted Project:
Website which serves as a platform for grass root startups to connect with green programs like eco friendly hosting servers biodegradable bags and composting collection. Initially, this was going to be for companies, but we then decided to ope it up to all individuals so that they can use more eco friendly products. I have already gotten confirmation for 20+ companies who want to feature their products.

Future plans:Tree Plantations

Jashore, Bangladesh
Membership: 6

Primary local environmental issues

Aquatic Pollution
Sanitation problems
Lack of public awareness
Water overuse

Project components:
Monthly community clean-ups
Collaborating with restaurants on food-waste management
Facebook pages created- content posted regularly
Sending frequent water-pollution mitigation focussed informational messages through messaging apps.

Fresno, USA
Membership: 6

Local environmental problems: Droughts and wildfires exacerbated by climate change

Awareness campaign: Being run via social media platforms

Targeted Project:
• Teaming up with local restaurants on managing wasted food as well as composting.
• Setting up composting bins and focussing informational content on sustainability through our plates