Executive board

Aditya Singh

Founder, President

Hello! I am Aditya from India and I love to travel, sing, and read. My experience of residing in 14 stations across India has given me an insight into how multifaceted the issue of sustainable development is in a developing country like mine. I believe that while prospects may seem bleak at times, we can minimize the damage to the planet to a great extent by collectively making simple lifestyle choices, which is ultimately the ideal I strive to pursue with my fellow activists at Start With You.

Ara Sunga

Operational manager

Manila, Philippines

Hey there! I am Ara and I am a rising senior from the Philippines. My hobbies include travelling, baking, and playing with my dogs! From a young age, I noticed that individuals from my own community were not living sustainably, with their actions increasing the damage that is done to our environment. From then on, I realized that I was capable of creating change within my community. I developed a passion for serving those in my community through my advocacy; Teaching young children from local public schools about nature based solutions and sustainable living. I firmly believe that Start With You is an exceptional platform to spread awareness regarding our environment to different communities from all walks of life.

Anushka Shah

Director of Arts

Hyderabad, India and Long Island, USA

Hi! I’m Anushka Shah, an aspiring actress and performance artist currently doing my senior year in the UWC Mahindra College in Pune, India. Theatre has always been a driving force in my life, I was always fascinated by the idea of being able to use my words and body to make a difference. Later, I trained in Bharatnatyam, a form of Indian classical dance from Tamilnadu, India that uses a combination of movement and facial expression to tell stories. Along with my love for theatre and performance, I’ve also always been fascinated by visual art and the relationship between what we see and who we become. In the past couple of years, I’ve taken an avid interest in exploring and presenting traditional forms of art, and using them to tell relevant stories and messages. When studying environmentalism, I’ve made it a point to divert from the common white male, european centric ideologies that are often presented, and instead explore how environmentalism relates to ideas of gender, race and social class. I believe art is an important tool to give a voice to the voiceless, and through Start With You, I hope to use the arts as a platform to empower communities, and in that way, help save the environment.

Irene Luwabelwa

Head of International Outreach

Lusaka, Zambia

Hi everyone! I’m Irene and I’m a rising senior at the Mahindra United World College in India. I believe strongly in being the change you want to see in the world and it’s for this reason that I joined Start With You. I was born and raised in the capital and in all my something-teen years of living there, I don’t think I ever had a conversation about sustainable living practices. Due to economic and political hardships, people in my country have not been as concerned with sustainability as they should be. I am hopeful that Start With You can make a long lasting impact on the way climate change and sustainability are thought about in Zambia and our global community. 

Mili Jain

Marketing Head

California, United States

Hi! I’m 15 and I’m a rising sophomore in high school from California. I am a member of my school’s speech and debate team, and I have a passion for politics, but I’m particularly interested in the law and the judiciary system. I love learning and reading about critical theory & writing.I love to debate, so I’m on my school’s Speech and Debate team, and I love Policy and Lincoln Douglas debate. I’m involved with other youth activism movements and student-led publications, and in my spare time, I like watching crime and mystery TV shows and cooking. One of my many passions is social activism, and this is a really important topic to me, since I know we are the future generation and if we don’t start protecting our Earth now, then Earth won’t protest us in the future. I am a firm believer in grassroots political change, and I believe that we can make tangible change and bring awareness around sustainable living if we work together as a community. I strongly believe that Start With You is an exceptional platform to spread awareness regarding our environment to different communities from all walks of life.

Kevin Kim

Volunteer Coordinator

Michigan, USA

Hello! My name is Kevin and I am a rising senior from Michigan. I love economics, running, and problem-solving. I moved from Korea to the US in eighth grade, so that experience really opened my eyes to the different perceptions regarding climate change. I’m excited to work with Start With You because it gives me the opportunity to engage with all communities about climate change, whether they support it or not. I cannot wait to start collaborating with my peers and make a difference in the world. 

Aitijhyya Pal

Financial Head

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Hello! I am Aitijhyya Pal from India. I am currently studying in the Mahindra United World College of India. I love several things including traveling, singing, and art. I am also the founder and president of another NGO called So(u)L that works towards mental health. Living in a range of states and cities across South-East Asia mainly developing countries, I believe that this country and region has wide opportunities for sustainable development. I am a strong believer in sustainable development, and that effective teamwork can yield a range of positive prospects; Start with You seems like an amazing opportunity for this.