The SWY Model
Of Community Action


Share with those around you the journey you plan to embark on with them. You could start with your social circle and neighborhood and then spread out. Reach out to as many residents as possible since the endeavor is, essentially, to make it a grassroots movement with a diverse set of perspectives being brought to the table.


Use environmental calculators you will be provided with to measure current levels of impact. Research and identify in which areas of conservation can be most effectively addressed in your community. Research about current measures being taken and best practices that have worked in familiar settings.

Brainstorm and Plan

Building on your research, brainstorm possible solutions to identified problems in order of prominence. Shortlist measures you came up with based on the three central tenets- viability, feasibility, and sustainability.


Implement your initiative! This will be a collaborative process and the longest phase of your Chapter’s functioning. The ideas you put into action will take some time before showing impact. Generally, meticulous background work and planning yield a fruitful implementation

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Things rarely go exactly as planned and some of your initiatives may be more successful than others. This is the stage where you identify your initial assumptions and gain insights into which environmental action, awareness, and education related measures worked in your community and why. You then carry out further operations with a more nuanced understanding.

Drawing upon the components of tried-and-tested design thinking strategies, our model emphasizes the three pillars of feasibility, viability, and sustainability.